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Showtime at the Apollo was on..

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

When I was a young girl around the age of 15 i attended health careers off Canal street

My dad side lived in Kenner. I had lit of freedom when i went to Kenner.

I met this guy through a girl who fixed my hair, she went to high school with me she was a bit older.

He was at her house.. i think they messed around.. he went to st. Aug.. well come to find out he was best friends with my family member they used to dance back in the day..talent shows all over. Well i went to his house his parents were heavily involved in church it was a Sunday..he lived in Kenner coincidence.

Showtime at the Apollo was on.. we were just laying across the bed..I can remember it like yesterday..

He started touching me,  i was uncomfortable he tried several times as i told him no

That Monday at school I was so distraught.. i remember talking to the lady at the front desk.. sharing with her about my experience..because in class we were learning about date rape...

I was date raped..

I never spoke to him again.. years passed by... 1992 April to be exact.. I was pregnant  due anyday laying on the sofa... the door bell rings and it was him

He apologized for ringing the door bell so late but stated he needed directions to a house nearby..and he didn't have access to a phone..back than beepers

He asked could he use the phone...  house phone  that is to call the young lady he was going to visit.

He said he stopped by cause my house was what remembered..

After his call i knew who he was going to visit..

My heart was weakened because she had no clue what she was getting into..

He wished me well on my birth of my baby..

Never apologized for what he did..

I found out that the girl from around the way and him dated..

I believe she ended up pregnant..never had the baby tho..i do believe he was abusive to her she was very secretive being that her brother ..deceased would have addressed the she kept quiet..

I never saw him again..irs been 28 years..

Ive held that


New Orleans, LA

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