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I’m Delashawn Bordeaux the founder of Speak Our Truth Inc. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I started this organization to provide a safe place for men and women across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as they adjust to life after sexual abuse and regain power and confidence while on their journey to healing and redefinition of who they are and what they are meant to be.


As the founder I will ensure sexual abuse becomes an educational topic and not a topic of shame and regret. Along with providing the educational piece of sexual abuse we will work with organizations and schools across DFW to provide self-defense training and ensure it is not only taught but survivors and non survivors are confident using it.


I am currently working on a double bachelor’s in marketing and management from the University of Texas at Arlington with an expected graduation date of December 2021. 


Our goal at Speak Our Truth Inc. is to be the community survivors need in order to heal and readjust to life after sexual abuse. 


Please sign up so you stay connected and I look forward to being the advocate the community needs.

Delashawn Bordeaux

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