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I wanted to blog....but story time is better!!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

About a month ago I decided to start blogging so I researched my niche and of course it ties in with the organization, but I wanted to find something that would not only attract the people but also relate to survivors who I call my family because we each carry a piece of pain that no one understands unless you have experienced some form of sexual abuse.

Well, I definitely did not come up with a blog however, I did learn somethings and I think I comprised on something better.

Check it out:

1. I can’t blog about my experience because it wasn’t a pleasant time therefore there is no need to paint a pretty picture nor do I prefer to provide any visuals related to my experience. Instead, I will do storytime and I will use this as an opportunity to truly go down this journey and allow myself to feel every emotion, cry when needed, and finally heal and release this burden that continues to rest heavy on my chest blocking all aspects of forgiveness and forward movement.

2. I will not be writing weekly. To force me to speak on my trauma daily or weekly would be emotionally overwhelming and truth be told after a month or so I would be a burden so I would stop. What I can commit to is releasing when I need to. I will post at least once a month to connect with my followers, but topics will range from food (my fav), fashion, self-love/care, counseling, and more. Let’s be real though; this journey isn’t just about me. It’s about you too, and this community and organization only really works if we are all willing to share so please feel free to submit your story, vlog, blog, or whatever else to and your story and help others too (Your story can be about what you want- no matter the subject it is “YOUR” truth).

3. Our stories will not be centered around sadness considering the biggest problem is, we have become so consumed with hurt and anger that we forget the feelings of love and happiness. There is more to healing than crying and sheltering in the house. It is a journey of learning who “YOU” are so I want to share how much I like to eat, the places I’ve traveled to, or even show how guided meditation has taught me to find my peace within the storm.

The point is there is no way to blog sexual abuse however, we can discuss it and heal from it together without the constraints of society telling us what is wrong and what is right. We are done blogging about hurt and instead of using our stories to help and heal others.

~Talk to you soon Delashawn~

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